Witchcraft for me is nature… I’ve found myself in that religion because when you get in touch with nature you realize that you are not aside, apart. You are part of a whole system. To me, witchcraft means loving nature, loving everything and everyone. Although it is a polytheistic religion, these divisions are just different aspects of Nature, the Goddess, the common force among all the religions.
Ana Paula Penina - witchcraft practitioner

 Witchcraft has been a part of human society for thousands of years. That is because “magic”, as a supernatural force, had been seen to flow from everything that is from nature. A tea for healing some kind of sickness, the smoke of an incense stick to remove negative energies from a room or a simple coloured ribbon to make a wish come true are examples of popular magic, which is defined as any constructive usage of forces somewhat comprehended to effect positive changes.

The ancient magical practice is revised in the contemporary picture as a neo-pagan religion called Wicca. Its practitioners praise life, and don’t see Earth as a probationary place, but as a divine gift that invites respect and devotion. As major contrast with other religions, in witchcraft, the main universal source is a feminine energy, the Goddess. The Goddess, together with her masculine equivalent – God – creates the Universe.

A concept that is shared with other religions is reincarnation, which, in witchcraft, is the phenomenon of the repetition of incarnations in human form, in order to achieve the evolution of the soul. That would also explain death, birth and karma. On the other hand, the cult differentiates from others as it can be practiced individually. The witch does not need to be affiliated with a group, called covens.

During the collective rituals, occurs the drawing of a circle, invocation of the Four Elements – air, water, earth and fire – and of the Goddess and the God. Through human beings and natural objects, which have different frequencies of energy, forces can be stimulated, concentrated, moved and directed to the objective of the enchantment. Witches are people who are not satisfied with dogmas or physical laws, and thus explore Earth and its secrets. In an introspective way, they understand the mystic powers of the human body, feeling its connection to Earth.







Santo Daime