The faith in Daime is the certainty, through experience, of the existence of God, of the divine beings, of all spirituality. That certainty goes deeper with this living... with the revelation. This faith of believing as you see, and seeing as you believe.
Walter Dias - godfather of the Igreja Céu do Vale (Valley’s Sky Church)

The Amazon Forest is the birthplace of Santo Daime, which appeared as religious practice around the 30’s when Raimundo Irineu Serra, known as Master Irineu, started to make public ceremonies of this doctrine. The name of a drink, Daime, was revealed to Master Irineu by Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception considered the “Queen of the Forest”. The origin of the name comes directly from the verb “to give” (in portuguese), thus when the practitioners drink it they ask to be given what they need, such as enlightenment, strength, love, peace or prosperity.

Santo Daime is a musical doctrine and it is a religious manifestation formed from many other religious influences, being known for its eclectic structure. In its origins, it has influences from shamanism, Christianity and New Age esoterica. From the 80’s, with the expansion towards urban centers, led by the Godfather Sebastião (the title of a religious position), the doctrine opened itself in order to incorporate new influences, such as Umbanda, kardecist spiritism, Candomblé, Buddhism and other eastern forms of belief.

The doctrine proposes spiritual development through the usage of a holy drink that leads to an expansion of one’s perception and counsciousness, promoting a mystical revelatory experience: the “miração” (related to a “self-staring” state). That experience effectuates self-knowledge, self-improvement and spiritual development of the adepts.

In addition to this nature of revelation, there are also divine and therapeutic purposes, for the daimistas believe in healing through this practice.